Born in Japan, raised in Switzerland and Australia.
Graduated Seian University of Art and Design, studied fashion and textile art.
At Nagoya University, researched media art with a master degree in Information science.
Worked at an apparel company as a fashion designer.
In 2012, moved to the Netherlands, Working as an artist and freelance designer.
In 2013, began studying theory and technique of photography at the FOTOfactory.
Currently making artworks using photography as a media.

2018 The FOTOfactory, The Netherlands
2006 Information Science, Nagoya University, Japan
2002 Fine Art, Seian University of Art and Design, Japan
2000 Fine Art, Oita Prefectural College of Art and Design, Japan

2007 DA MiSS CO, LTD., Designer
2012 FUKUSUKE CO, LTD., Designer

2018 "Graduation Show 2018" Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2004 "Art Navigation 2004 the harbor of memories project" Nagoya, Japan
2003 "strange x familiar" Nagoya, Japan
2003 "OPEN STUDIO" Nagoya, Japan
2002 "TETSUSON" Chiba, Japan
2000 "Gendai he no Shiten" Shiga, Japan
2000 "International TANAN Art Festival" Fukui, Japan

2000 International TANNAN Art Festival

2018 My self-portrait
2006 Clothes for urging people who withdraw from society to go out

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